Deep Community Roots and Strong Financials Lead to Sustainability

Relationships are built on proximity, time, and trust. And we're proud that we've been a part of the communities we serve for decades. To remain good neighbors and corporate citizens requires that we're also good stewards of our finances. Without community partners, and lacking a stable financial footing, we cannot grow together.

By working with our partners and being mindful of our resources, we're able to keep delivering on our promise to drive business to, and through, the Commonwealth.

Creating safe, two-way traffic is our key to success

The port continues to work closely with the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers, along with multiple federal and state representatives and partners, to secure and protect the financial resources necessary to sustain this critical initiative.

The Port of Virginia’s journey to becoming one of the most productive ports on the US East Coast continues on schedule. Now in its 14th month, the widening and deepening of our channels associated with the Norfolk Harbor Navigation Improvements project will provide safe, two-way traffic for the largest container vessels calling the East Coast. That smooth and safe passage makes Virginia highly competitive for more first-in/last-out vessel calls - increasing the speed to market for our customers and the people and companies that use their products, and attracting business and job opportunities to Virginia.
The removal of sediment from the Thimble Shoal Channel - West is on schedule to be fully complete by July 2021. While dredging continues throughout the western segment, testing of sediment in theThimble Shoal Channel - East and the Norfolk Inner Harbor is complete and analysis is underway in anticipation of next steps.
Mindful of our environment, the project has built-in dredging moratoriums to protect migrating marine species. The dredges are equipped with devices to prevent the inadvertent capture of turtles and have on-board first aid available if an accident occurs.
Right now the Dredge Magdalen is removing approximately 30,000 cubic yards of material each day.
This is equal to 9.2 Olympic swimming pools per day.
At the 50% point for the Thimble Shoal Channel-West segment (which we reached in February 2021), the contractor has removed a total of 3,000,000 cubic yards.

Doing things right by doing the right things

Director of Engineering Zac Canody explains why it's important to combine safety and sustainability when planning for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Wide. Deep. Safe. Sustainable.

Captain Whiting Chisman, President of the Virginia Pilot Association, shares his thoughts on the impact of safe two-way traffic in our channels, how major projects are successful due to the relationships formed before the projects start, and how the Vessel Decision Tool is making the port the safest place to do business on the east coast.

Smooth, Swift, and Sustainable

Three years ago, our Operations Team launched the PRO-PASS Trucker Reservation System (TRS). The TRS benefits motors carriers, beneficial cargo owners and the terminal operations team by creating guaranteed appointment windows for drivers entering POV container terminals. With 24 hour advanced notice, the port is able to pre-position containers, ensuring a faster, more efficient transaction for the driver. In turn, this improves load scheduling and delivery for the cargo owner, along with asset management and staffing at the terminal. Building predictability into the terminal operating dynamic ensures sustainability of port operations for years to come.

Reliability leads to sustainability

Mark Higgins, Director of Motor Carrier Experience at The Port of Virginia, explains how predictability and reliability of our reservation system have led to a better experience for our motor carrier partners and terminals operating at highly efficient levels.

Setting the standard: The Port of Virginia chassis pool

Managing Director HRCPII, Arthur Ellerman discusses how The Port of Virginia's chassis pool is setting the standards for safety and efficiency.
“The Port of Virginia has been a tremendous asset in applying the importance of the maritime industry to all business sectors and regions of the Commonwealth.  Their constant support for economic development has greatly enhanced our ability to attract new industries and they have positively impacted the expansion of existing business and the economic vitality of Virginia through value added export markets.  In a region that hosts the Southern Virginia Megasite – the largest and most prepared site in the south eastern United States, access to one of the best ports on the eastern seaboard is a key asset to our prospect attraction strategy.”
Linda Hutson Green
Executive Director
Southern Virginia Regional Alliance

Successful partnerships lead to gold-standard service

Bob Eveleigh, Chief Operating Officer of Port City Transportation, speaks about how teamwork and collaboration led to the port's industry-best gate turn times through the adoption of a reservation system and flexible gate hours.

Strong community roots are grown through service

A team of colleagues from across the port is responsible for the wide variety of community events and causes that we support. The Volunteer Council embodies our commitment to sustainability by continuously looking for ways to deepen and strengthen our community roots. Our port serves all Virginians - and so do we.  We are called to do what we can to make a difference and we honor that calling.
Due to these donations ForKids sent over 900 students to school with fully stocked backpacks.
Port colleagues raised $40,656.08 to support local organizations.
The Port of Virginia collected over 2000 pounds of food during our holiday food drive.
ILA Bike Giveaway
In mid-December, we teamed up with our partners in the International Longshoremen's Association to give nearly 100 bikes to children across the city of Portsmouth. Over the last 7 years, the ILA has also given bikes to children throughout the Region. Next year, we are donating to families on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. We are proud to work with such great partners in the ILA – both on the terminals and in our neighborhoods – giving back to the communities that support us.
Thanksgiving with CMA CGM
Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we had the honor to join with CMA CGM (America) LLC and The Salvation Army USA to assemble and provide nearly 1,200 meals to citizens across Hampton Roads. More than 800 of these meals went to the elderly, many of whom spent Thanksgiving alone due to the pandemic. We are inspired to practice servant leadership, providing hot meals to those in need.

Old cables build new connections for communities in need

In 2020, we partnered with CMA CGM and Engineers in Action (EIA) to donate used steel cable from our ship-to-shore cranes to build bridges for international communities in need. In the last 15 years, EIA volunteers ‘have designed and built 77 footbridges alongside rural communities in 11 countries, effectively connecting nearly 150,000 previously isolated people to essential resources.

Community waterways are paths to Commonwealth growth

Now in its 35th year, the Aid to Local Ports (ALP) program was established by the Virginia General Assembly. The purpose of the $1 million annual fund is to help support the capital needs of all ocean, river, or tributary ports within the Commonwealth. The Virginia Port Authority receives applications, and makes awards, under the auspices of Virginia state government.

The Port of Virginia is proud to support, and participate in, a process that supports sustainability for all of Virginia’s ports and harbors.
Town of Chincoteague
The town received ALP grant funding in the amount of $110,067 to construct a floating dock in the Curtis Merritt Harbor. The Curtis Merritt Harbor of Refuge provides safe mooring for commercial and recreational vessels and also supports nearby NASA and US Navy operations at Wallops Island. With ALP funding, the town was able to provide 20 additional slips in the Curtis Merritt Harbor, increasing projected harbor annual revenue by more than $14,000.
Town of Cape Charles
The town received $88,850 in ALP funding, to complete the rehabilitation of the Cape Charles inner harbor. The inner harbor is critically important for commercial seafood operations. The shore-side infrastructure was badly deteriorated, negatively impacting operations and safety. The ALP funding assisted Cape Charles with completion of the last phase of the inner harbor rehabilitation, including installation of a concrete walkway, new dockside lighting and water service, and light poles and benches.
“Cape Charles relies on its harbor for commercial, recreational and tourism revenue. Access to Aid to Local Ports funds was a critical catalyst for the completion of the inner harbor rehabilitation project. We thank the state government, and the Virginia Port Authority, for investing in the sustainability of the Cape Charles’ economy.”
William “Smitty” Dize
Mayor, Cape Charles

Ensuring all the pieces fit together successfully

Understanding the location, condition, and maintenance schedule for all of our cargo-handling assets has a direct impact on our ability to provide industry-leading service to our customers by enabling us to operate more safely, efficiently, and effectively.

The port’s asset management program requires that all assets are treated as integrated components of an interrelated system, rather than as isolated parts.

A progressive and innovative approach to asset management strengthens the foundation of sustainability.
Current average PICKUP truck age is more than 12 years with annual average maintenance costs of $7,500.
Over a five year period, the pickup truck fleet will be "rightsized" from 398 to 290 (25% reduction in fleet SIZE for same mission support), resulting in more reliable fleet assets, enhanced training for shop personnel, and reduced maintenance costs.
All told, each new vehicle (including purchase price) will save THE port $1,250 per year.