Why Sustainability is a Core Value

Virginia was founded on the water, and it remains the lifeblood of our economy. We are committed to fostering a vision and mission that ensures that our success is in balance with the health and wellbeing of our colleagues, partners, and environment. That is a significant task, but one that positions us for sustainable growth.

Our core values have guided us as we confront the challenges of a global pandemic – pointing us towards innovative, helpful, and sustainable ways to meet the needs of our colleagues, customers, commonwealth, and country. We worked collaboratively with customers, partners and stakeholders to protect both individuals and the supply chain. Our efforts produced uninterrupted port operations, with record-breaking cargo volumes in the fourth quarter of CY20.

As the world’s largest container ships arrive in our harbor, carrying goods from around the globe, we are mindful of our responsibilities to current and future generations. We are proud to deliver opportunity by driving business to, and through, the Commonwealth.

John F. Reinhart
CEO and executive director, The Port of Virginia

What does Sustainability mean to you?

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